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Yos Sunitiyoso

Associate Professor

Decision Making and Strategic Negotiation Interest Group

transportation, Decision Science, Modelling, Simulation

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Yos received his PhD from the University of the West of England (UWE) Bristol, United Kingdom in 2007, after completing his Master of Engineering degree from the Nagaoka University of Technology, Japan in 2004. His degree is in industrial engineering from ITB, graduated in 2000. Yos joined SBM ITB in January 2010 after previously working for the University of Southampton, UK in 2008-2010. His research interest is in social-psychological aspects in decision making and behavior (e.g. social interaction, social learning, beliefs and expectations), sustainability (e.g. sustainable transport systems, green logistics) and the application of agent-based modeling and simulation in social, operational and management areas. He is a lecturer and researcher in the Decision Making and Strategic Negotiation Interest Group with expertise in decision making and behavior and agent-based modeling. Yos has published his research in several international journals including the European Journal of Operational Research (EJOR), Transportmetrica and Journal of Advanced Computational Intelligence and Intelligent Informatics (JACIII). Yos was also a co-editor for a book in the application of soft computing in industry entitled the Applications of Soft Computing: Updating the State of the Art, published by Springer. His consultancy experience was with David Simmonds Consultancy, Cambridge, UK.